Hanging Out With Friends On A Tight Budget

Everyone enjoys hanging out with friends or families, not only to spend quality time, but a means of social activities or just to relax and indulge ourselves after a long week. Here are some tips which will help you to save a lot and yet maintain the quality life:

1. Enjoy Cheap Outdoor Activities

If you have friends with diverse interests, you guys may set up a different themes on weekly Or monthly basis to do:

a) Eating events- organize potlucks with different themes so that each people can bring in one dish to share with others. Not only save cost, but the fun of it

b) Clubs- Join book, knitting, cooking, photography clubs and etc according to your interest to meet up new friends and new activities to do. For example: www.meetup.com

c) Swap Meet with friends or communities-Not only to meet up people, but you can also trade in or swap your unwanted items such as your last year baju kebaya ( size no longer fit) to a hand knitted bag, stationary with toys and etc. Of cause all the items still in a very good condition and clean condition.

d) Family activities- organize sport games ,picnic or board games with your friends at least can spend quality time together without spending much money

2. Find free activities in town or communities nearby

a) There are still free activities around, all you need to do just check it out online or local   Town event’s calendar. For example Bank Negara art galleries & museum is one of the  great place to visit for family.

3. Find special offers or discount online

a) You may do your grocery on Member’s Special Day to enjoy for rebate or discount, check Out myfave.com for some discounted price on activities, SPA, buffets and etc, or check Out the deals offered by selected cinemas nearby before going.

In a nutshell, even though with a tight budget, you still have plenty to enjoy if you check things out or be creative. If you like my sharing and benefits from it, do share and follow my Facebook or website as I will  do more sharing from time to time.


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